Thursday, November 13, 2014

Recent shark articles

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

‘The Shark Cull’ documentary film screening in Adelaide, South Australia October 26

A Sea Shepherd documentary film about the Western Australian shark cull is having it’s Adelaide premiere on October 26, 2014. The film exposes the brutal cruelty of the controversial program that took place off the WA Coastline last summer.

It features never before seen footage & exclusive interviews with Sharon Burden (mother of Kyle Burden, tragically taken in 2011 by a White Shark), Skyler Thomas, Jeff Hansen, Nicole McLachlan, Craig Moss & Mike Dicks – captain of the Sea Shepherd vessell, ‘Bruce the RIB’.
This explosive documentary on the Western Australians drum line policy is a must see for anyone interested in the protection of sharks & marine conservation.
Ticket entry includes a complimentary glass of wine, and entry into a raffle. Prizes include free entry to the ” Ocean Defence Tour” Fundraiser 22nd November @ Mclaren Vale Winemakers, Lush pack plus more. There will be an outreach stall and merchandise available in the foyer.
The Secretary of the Marine Life Society of SA, Dan Monceaux has been invited by Sea Shepherd Adelaide to give a speech on the night.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A good South African shark diving trip

If you are Australian and want a good South African shark diving trip, try Tony & Irene from DiveCareDare. DiveCareDare is an educational platform for scuba diving, travel, marine conservation and in particular shark conservation.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


The MLSSA 2015 South Australian Marine Life calendar is now available. The retail price is still $10 per calendar. The Facebook page for the calendar is at .The calendar can be seen in its entirety at Email to
to place any orders for the calendar. Postage is extra. Copies will be available at SDF & MLSSA meetings.
Regular contributor to the calendar, Alexius Sutandio, took the stunning shark image for the calendar’s front cover.
Every SA Marine Life Calendar comprises of 12 main images (Jan to Dec), an additional image for Jan of the following year, 12 small images (Jan to Dec), plus the front cover image and the rear cover summary of the 12 main images. To pay for your calendar order, pay $10 per cal + P&H ($2.50/1 cal, $3.50/2-3 cals) by EFT to People’s Choice Credit Union, Marine Life Soc, BSB 805 050, a/c 61573714 or mail cheque to MLSSA, C/o CCSA, Level 1, 157 Franklin St, Adelaide SA 5000.

Captured shark released back into the water at Wallaroo jetty

Congratulations to 10-year old Jessica Griffiths of Malvern for returning the Port Jackson shark, that she caught in her crab net, back into the water at Wallaroo jetty (after the obligatory photograph).


Dr. Jonathan Sandoval-Castillo is giving a talk about shark research at the Flinders University Underwater Club ( ) in Bedford Park on 19th June (see and ).


A ban on shark finning comes into force in New Zealand on 1st October this year. The ban applies to all shark species in NZ fisheries. The Animal Welfare Act already prohibits the removal of fins from live sharks. The new ban makes it illegal to kill sharks for their fins.


The company that launched “anti-shark wetsuits” last year is now developing a buoy to alert lifeguards of the presence of sharks. Shark Mitigation Systems, together with Optus, is developing shark detection technology which uses sonar to scan the water for shark-like objects. A 25-kg buoy would communicate with sonar transducers mounted on a frame on the seabed. An alert would be sent via satellite to lifeguards. Such a method would alleviate the need for shark culling procedures.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

SA shark culling protest

A 2nd shark culling protest was attended by hundreds in high temp at Glenelg yesterday 1st Feb.