Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Shark sightings in Oahu, Hawaii

I was in Oahu, Hawaii last week. I was fortunate to see a couple of white-tipped reef sharks under a ledge off of Waikiki. I also got to see several sharks in the aquarium at the Sea Life Aquarium at Waimanalo, including a stingray and a hammerhead shark. I even got to stroke the tail of a white-tipped reef shark in the touch pool there.

A rarely sighted shark with 300 teeth

"A rarely sighted shark with 300 teeth has turned up in waters off south-eastern Victoria. The species, whose ancestry dates back 80 million years, is known as the 'living fossil'. It was caught on a fishing trawler in waters near Lakes Entrance in the state's Gippsland region. Simon Boag, from the South East Trawl Fishing Association, said it was the first time in living memory that a frilled shark had been sighted. "We couldn't find a fisherman who had ever seen one before," he said. "It does look 80 million years old. It looks prehistoric, it looks like it's from another time!" - Source: