Friday, March 29, 2013

A shark managed to stick its head inside a viewing cage

According to the web page found at, a shark cage diving group in South Africa was surprised when a shark managed to stick its head inside the cage that they were in. Tony Baker from Great White Shark Tours ( ) said, "On the afternoon of 21st March, while divers were in the viewing cage, a young great white shark of approximately 2 ½ m in length came up to the cage and stuck its snout and head into the viewing gap for about 5 seconds. No injury to any diver or shark occurred. The cage is built to industry standards and is inspected annually by the Maritime Authority. The viewing gap was immediately reduced by approximately 10%. This incident has been reported to the Great White Protection Foundation of which we are a member. There wasn't any sloppy bait handling, just a shark that decided to rocket towards the cage for no reason!! It may have been spooked by a bigger shark below...”

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